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How to Win at Video Keno

Whether you’re a Video KENO enthusiast, or a new player, www.winbigatvideoKENO.com has the Video KENO tips and strategies to help you learn how to win at Video KENO. But let’s start with learning about the live version of KENO. In live KENO, the player may mark anywhere from 1 through 20 numbers on a card that has 80 numbers arranged in eight rows of ten. The player then takes the card to a KENO writer and places a bet that the numbers selected will be among the 20 drawn in the next game. Alternatively, the player sitting in one of the casino restaurants can mark a card and give it to a KENO runner. The KENO runner takes the card – and the bet – to the KENO writer, and then brings the ticket back to the player. Bets are usually made in multiples of the house minimum–usually $1.

Playing Video Keno Strategy

After the 20 numbers are drawn, winning tickets are paid according to a table that varies from casino to casino. For example, a four-spot ticket with $1 wagered might return the $1 if two numbers hit, return $5 if three numbers are hit, and pay $120 if all four numbers are hit. But in another casino, the three-number hit might pay $6 and all four pay $125, and in another the payoffs might be $5 and $110. Because of the variation, no payback percentage is common enough to be called average. Learning how to win Video KENO utilizes some of the tricks of the game from live KENO gambling, but there are tips and strategies related to Video KENO that apply to it alone. Live KENO is with purely random generated numbers. This is not so with Video KENO. The odds are much better, and you will hit pays much more often. Playing Video KENO can be fun – and rewarding – if you learn the smart way to play.


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  1. The fact that Video KENO is all about bigger payoffs and jackpots is something which has already been proven and cannot be denied. However, to win big, you must choose the right machine which allows you to stay focused and comfortably play the game on your video keno machine. A wrong machine will not only weaken your winning potential, but also push you far away from the jackpot. Whereas, the right machine having all the needful functionality can make the game run smoothly and let you learn some great winning tips!

    Irrespective of whether you are a person who has a keen interest in Winning at Video KENO or a new player, this place has a lot to offer you! Our website has the most effective as well as proven Video KENO Strategies and tips to let you win a great bet. Be assured that when you choose us, you are paving way to excel in this game.

    Want to learn how to play video Keno? In that case, here are a few simple steps that you can follow:

    Select The Right Bet Size

    The video keno systems allow you to select from a wide collection of bet sizes. Since most of the wins are usually in coins, you will be getting multiples of your chosen bet size. $1 are one of the most common coin sizes. However, there are a few machines where the coin size ranges from 25¢ to $10. And, per game will not cost you more than a coin.

    Choose Your Numbers

    Once you have decided your total bet, you need to pick some numbers. Few common games let you select between 1 and 10 numbers from a possible 80. Other games allow you choose up to 15 numbers. To pick up numbers all you need to do is click on them. And, in case of wrong selection or to deselect the number just click on the same number again.

    Start the Draw

    Finally, when you have picked your numbers, you need to press play. After this, the further process is where the numbers are drawn. This is what that actually makes keno a comparatively faster game than other lottery ones. The best part is that you can easily have a draw at your own convenience.

    Collect All Your Winnings

    For people who get lucky or on whom the fortune showers its blessings can actually get the opportunity to win big! Using the right Video KENO Machine Strategy and a chance of luck will let you fetch the numbers and get rewarded. Afterward, you can for sure carry on the game to win more or simply cash out your total winning.

    Thus, these are a few steps that can allow you to win big jackpots, however, having luck on your side and implementing the right strategies is also crucial.